I am an illustrator, painter, art teacher and art therapist.

My illustrations are meticulously hand-drawn/painted using traditional mediums, and convey a refreshing sense of warmth and character in our world of crisp, clean and often sterile-looking computer-generated artwork.

I love to work with the organic spontaneity of watercolour, the photorealistic possibilities of gouache, the expressive characteristics of pen and ink and the descriptive freedom of pencil.

My versatility has enabled me to tackle a diverse range of subjects from the accuracy and clarity demanded of botanical and medical illustration to the creative joy inherent in children's books. My strength lies in my ability to combine a knowledge of techniques and mediums with graphic representation while maintaining a creative energy and expression.

Publishers I have worked for include Readers Digest, Allen and Unwin, Weldon Owen, ABC Books, Dorling Kindersley, Sunday Times, Observer, Quarto Publishing, Mitchell Beazley and Frances Lincoln.

Contact me on +61 (0)407 203 895


Friday, 12 December 2014


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